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Our Approach



We believe in quality over quantity, that is why we only take on a limited amount of weddings per year, to ensure each event is given the needed time and attention to detail. We offer custom digital drawn renditions of our client's upcoming chosen flower installation to give a better idea visually. A custom mood board and proposal is also provided. Each design is curated solely for you. Inspiration on color, mood, and texture is found from art, nature, people, fashion, and culture; ensuring that your wedding is especially unique. 

Our motto is "nature does it best" and it is the most alluring way to create an atmosphere whether it's an indoor or outdoor event. We focus on the hue of flowers and order directly from local growers and botanists who study how to grow specific color variations by use of soil and weather. This also ensures the freshness of each bloom. 

Movement and texture also play a key role in our design in drawing guests in for a personal sensory experience.



Most of our vessels are locally sourced from ceramic artist and sometimes even custom made special for your event. Our other vessels are found from various parts of europe ( Italy, France, and Spain) and are genuine antique pieces that can only be rented out. 

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