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Cézanne is a boutique floral design & styling company 

inspired by the Post-Impressionist French painter, Paul Cézanne.


We chose the name 'Cézanne' because of everything our muse, Paul Cézanne, stood for, despite being criticized and set apart from other well known impressionists of his time.

Paul Cézanne was convinced that one must paint directly from nature. He rejected intense contrasts of light and shadow, and instead, embraced a more refined system of color scales placed next to one another. He experimented with subtle gradients of varying muted tones to create dimension in each object he painted.

Cézanne established new patterns in the development of creating art, hence being later known as the “Father of Modern Art”.

Meet the Designer
S O F I A   B L O S 


With her studies in Art History, Sofia uses her  background and deep appreciation in cultural expressions to curate a unique sensory experience to each project.  Cézanne brings the thoughtful, chic design of New York that creates a modern, yet timeless approach.


" I wanted someone who could listen to what I was looking for, take consideration of all the wedding details, and bring it all to life with her vision. That’s exactly what Sofia did. She was so passionate and excited from the first time we spoke, it instantly made me feel at ease. I got endless compliments on Sofia’s work from my guests. Not only is she talented but she is so lovely to work with."

- Joy 

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